Who we are

Superbetsy enjoys reading, tea, her little dog Toby, watching The West Wing on repeat, playing outside, making yarn on a spinning wheel, working out hard and then complaining about it, and karaoke.

Superbetsy dislikes being asked about her favorite books because does “favorite” mean “books that were the most fun?” “most impactful?” “most often reread?” etc. But some that make various lists are: The Stand, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Contact, Lord of the Rings, A Wrinkle in Time, the first few Outlander books, and many others she is sure she’s insulting by forgetting.

Superbetsy doesn’t read much non-fiction. She hates Game of Thrones and although she pretends she’s a good geek she’s never actually read Dune.

She is Marthini’s sister.

Marthini thought Jackalopes were real.