Let’s Not Do That Again


A democrat female state representative is running for senate. Her son is her former speech writer and struggling to write a musical. Her daughter is a fuck-up who falls in with a right-wing troll. Obviously everything goes to hell.

It’s very current: so current that I suspect it’ll have a half-life of about 18 months. Characters are clearly based on familiar political players, and allusions are made to the current political landscape. However unlike the real-world, somehow this book managed to feel warm and fluffy. I think it was the power of the characters over the setting. Ted Lasso isn’t about soccer, it just uses soccer as a stage. That’s how campaigning is used in Let’s Not Do That Again.

I enjoyed the author’s writing. He has a weird knack for writing about super mundane things. He puts into words things I’ve noticed ten zillion times but never bothered to crystalize, and makes it feel insightful.

A good book to read when you’re looking for something that is both smart and easy.


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