Part of Your World

This is about a Minneapolis renowned doctor with an intimidating family legacy who meets a small-town Minnesota farm guy, falls in love, and obviously their worlds don’t align.

The author (Abby Jiminez, owner of the Minnesota bakery “Nadia Cakes” and the baffled baker behind the infamous Vageode cake… look it up) is clever, writing smart female characters, perfectly imperfect men, and relationships that convince me I’m incapable of liking another human the requisite amount.

Yes, you know exactly how it starts, what happens in the middle, and how it ends. This is not a book that makes you a better person. It will not teach you about an historical era your public school education passed over in favor of celebrating imperialism. You will not grow by reading this book. But if you just want something that makes you laugh and feel like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket, this is the book you.

Final note: there are themes of abuse. I thought the author wrote them admirably, but approach with caution if you’re not in a space for that.


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