The Lager Queen of Minnesota

Multiple generations of women in a Minnesota family follow their dreams to brew beer. Whether it’s changing the tenor of beer forever in the days of Hamms and Coors, or finding a way to be remarkable in the modern saturated craft beer market, the women remain committed to their goals.

As a Minnesota woman, and one who spends a fair amount of time at craft breweries, including one located in the historic Hamms complex, I enjoyed the historical aspects of the trade and the local call outs. There was also some (honestly sort of contrived but whatever) girl-power-i-ness that was kind of a neat twist.

Where I found myself a little disappointed was the fragmented plot. The author tried to tell too many stories in a voice unsuccessfully attempting to mimic Lorna Landvik. I would have found settling into one story arc more fulfilling. Additionally, I thought the characters’ singleminded obsession with beer odd and unbelievable.

If you like beer, the history of beer, making beer, or the Midwest, you’ll probably enjoy this book. If you’ve never been to a craft brewery, you have no idea why the State Fair is a big deal, and you say, “no thanks, I’ll have a vodka soda,” maybe not the book for you.


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