This Time Tomorrow

I didn’t love this book. I guess it’s a time-travel book? But in reality, it read like a love-letter to being a teenager in the 1990’s, with side-themes of the suckiness of facing a parent’s mortality.

I *should* have liked this book, because I was a teenager in the 1990’s and it should have given me all the nostalgic vibes. However, this 1990’s teen experience was all about sex and alcohol and smoking cigarettes; it was pretty one-dimensional.

Back to the Future explored the idea of time-traveling to hang out with your parents when they are the same age as you are now. But this is a different twist: here, the character is 40 and her beloved dad is elderly; she gets to have more time with him as hale and hearty youngish man. That’s poignant and relatable.

SuperBetsy also reviewed this book, and I think we generally agree on it.


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